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Every so often a product comes along that truly changes the face of the industry it represents. One such manufacturer is

In an ever-changing world, making better use of energy is just the smart thing to do! And saving or conserving energy where ever and when ever possible makes good sense . . . and dollars, too!

That's where ANSMANN ENERGY comes in.
With a wide range of high-end rechargeable items available for the Pro-Audio market,
there is an ANSMANN charger to fit any need, including rack-mount & desktop models.

The ANSMANN NiMH Batteries
are available in all sizes and are guaranteed to be the most dependable,
money-saving batteries on the market today.


International Entertainment Production Companies

as well as

Churches, Schools, Universities, Theaters,
Government Facilities, Concert & Production Businesses, Musicians
The United States Armed Forces

The ANSMANN's Systems have a world-wide "Proven Track Record" and out perform any other rechargeable products on the market today.

Changing the face of Rechargeable Technology!
Rechargeable Batteries


Changing the face of Rechargeable Technology!
Rechargeable Batteries

The question has been raised:

"If one could buy a high-end, professional type battery they could depend on
and use it a thousand times, why would they ever buy something they use once and have to throw away?"

Good Question!!

Let's face it - a good alkaline battery may last up to 9 hours. Then you pitch that one and replace it with a new battery. And at anywhere from $ .40 to $1.50 for a 9V battery you could easily spend $12.00 a day, a week or a month on batteries - depending on your usage. Those costs add up.

What if you could cut those expenses by using a charger and rechargeable batteries that will last up to 1000 charges?

1000 Batteries at $1.50 per battery = $1500.00

What would you be willing to spend
to save as much of that $1500.00 as possible?


The ANSMANN 'Smart Charging' Systems

Have an Automatic Shut OFF Feature
The battery can NEVER be cooked or overcharged.

The batteries can be left in the charger until needed
Automatically switches to 'trickle down' charge,
keeping batteries fully charged and ready for use.

Each Energy Series charger re-conditions the batteries
giving them extended life

Will charge the battery from completely dead to fully charged
in about 4 - 5 hours time.

They also charge to FULL VOLTAGE.


The ANSMANN NiMH Batteries

Each ANSMANN NiMH Battery will last up to 1000 Charges
That's 10,000 Hours for a single 9V battery alone!

There is NO memory with these Batteries.
The batteries can be placed in the charger after five minutes, or five hours,
and they will be fine.


Manufacturers Warranty on Batteries, Chargers and Accessories

Most Ansmann Chargers carry a 3-year Replacement warranty.


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