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The first step to the best sound system for your church is a good, solid design suited to the specific characteristics of the facility. Churches are fascinating places. They are all different shapes and sizes - everything from a home, to a simple store front, to a warehouse, to a multi-tiered stadium-style seating facility. The worship styles vary. So it stands to reason that the sound and acoustic needs are just as different. But they all have one thing in common - the need for the best sound possible.

Most churches of today are not built the way they used to be 'in the good old days'. There are churches in the world that are hundreds of years old and are just beautiful to visit and enjoy. Some were built of wood, others of stone. The master craftsmanship can been seen in the stonework or the rafters, the arched and angled ceilings, the slightly canted walls. And the acoustics are amazing as the sound surrounds you.

As the times change, however, the newer structures are built to suit the needs of the day. But the need for good sound reinforcement exists no matter what the age, shape or make-up of the church facility. There are no two church structures that are exactly the same. They all have their own characteristics - Carpet, Windows, Pews vs Chairs, Ceiling, Walls, etc. So it takes someone who will take the time to analyze the facility and its specific details to be able to determine the best sound system for now as well as for the future growth of the church.

Churches have been the main focus of Revelation Sound since 1984. Because most of our staff are church members who serve in the music and sound ministries of their churches, we have a first-hand view of how vitally important sound is to a church service. And we actively promote a volunteer group of Sound Operators to head up the 'Worship Technology Ministry' of their church. This ministry takes very special and dedicated folks. We applaud each and every one of them because they understand the investment the church leadership has made in the life of their church body.

We, at Revelation Sound, Inc., Design, Build, Equip, Install, Train, Service and Maintain Sound Systems. Our church customers extend as far south as Venezuela; as far west as Acapulco; as far east as St. Vincent, West Indies; as far north as Tennessee. We stay current on the technology that is available on the market, or about to hit the market. We are part of an industry that sees technology changing almost daily and find it very exciting.

Would you want to 'see' what a good sound system will do for your congregation? What it will sound like here or here or here? The first step to the best sound system for your church is a good solid design. And that's only the beginning of what we can do for your church


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